Merge of Maximum™

Circa 2013
Based in Washington, DC

Merge of Maximum is a team of creative problem solvers at their max! We team together to create solutions across all forms of traditional and digital media. We do it all, from video production to annual reports and brand creation.
Our practice balances thinking and doing, empowering us to recommend strategic opportunities and realize impactful solutions.


A plate of your favorite sides — Economy of Scale

“If it needs to be done, someone is going to have to do it.”
                A We rock at that, making sure that we maintain a high editace of all we do. You know sometimes, when you are looking for a firm, you get that feeling that you came across the one you will use, well we know you just got that feeling. We like to put things in their right place to make sure that design first is always our motto, from films and motion graphics to posters and event stage graphics, we do it all. We like to get into any project early, at it’s strategic phase and help you create a 6 month calendar that would drastically change the trajectory of your business. 

So, look intimately at a rock, walk around it, get up close to it, savor it’s complexion and composition as you would any painting or temple and see it as the faultless mirror that it is — a truly perfect sculpture.

The Product Made™ is a system of design and development that incorporates rapid prototyping and iterations to create the benchmarks to complete any design or development.

  1. Ask the question. Why are we all here?
  2. Answer what we want our best answer to be.
  3. Answer what our best answer is now.
  4. Make first version of best answer.
  1. Ask another question. Go back to 1. or keep moving?
  2. What do we need to do the best thing we can do  with what we want. 
  3. Is it complete or do you go to question 1.?