Merge of Maximum™


Circa 2009-2013
Brand and Meal Prep App.

A movement built by the people. The communal talent made the project an ultimate success. Started by a group of six brothers, they created a platform and promotional wheel that introduced the world to a lot of artist in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area. The tag line for the project is, “United we Stand, Divided we Unite” and that’s what we did, and why so much progess happened in such a short amount of time.

When we launched to project, we launched with a simple full screen video player, that continuesly played a que of videos from local talent and a single link to the twitter. Within six months we generated 11k followers and was the first to introduce online streaming of a music video platform. People use to log on and just watch for hours. It then launched it’s beta version that kept the same theme at the top of the page, then displayed a feed of content that grew by the day.

The formula worked because, the artist who work was up, would promote it being on a TV-style station online called DMVJams. This impact created a value that the artist self promoted and on the inside of the house, the team currated the work to create a real feel for an active TV station.